We have 10-12 photographers and 3 cinematographers who work in our Cashman Brothers division.

This is actually a pretty cool answer. At Cashman Brothers, we create a “Photo Roadmap” with you during your very first consultation session. This is essentially the start of a very detailed Wedding Plan that allows our photographic consultants the capability of matching the right Cashman Brothers Team to your personal style and vision! While all of our staff is professionally trained, each artist has a unique style and personality. Our photographic consultants work with you to be sure you are “married” to the best staff on your wedding day! You’ve already picked the perfect partner; now let us pick the best people who follow your vision.

Our style of photography is YOUR style of photography! Through the use of our “Photo Roadmap”, together we will try to match the needs and vision of each couple. We know how important beautiful posed formal portraits are as well the more natural moments which occur as the day unfolds.  We will find out together the perfect combination of both that best suits you as a couple.

Of course! Contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Our approach is more personalized. Just like finding the right people to capture your day, we create personalized packages that meet your budget. Choose from our menu of options to create a truly customized package.

Not only do we have a team of graphic artists to create your custom wedding album design, we have partnered with Graphistudio who hand craft and create all their wedding albums with true Italian craftsmanship. To quote Graphistudio, “It’s not easy to condense the Graphistudio world into one single definition. It is a world made of sensations, traditions, culture and Italian style.” Check out their beautiful albums here.

With pleasure. Cashman Brothers Fine Photography has captured weddings all over the country. We ask you to cover our accommodations while traveling. No matter where you get married, your images should be captured by the team of photographers and cinematographers you trust.

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