Your Photo Roadmap

With Cashman Brothers, we walk each step of your life alongside you, documenting each special moment. Below is a typical timeline of what we will capture during your special wedding day and possibly beyond.


The Engagement

We'll be there at the beginning, capturing the moment when he says, "Will you..." and when she says, "Yes!".


Getting Ready

It may not seem interesting, but from the salon to the limo we will be there to capture special and magical moments before the big ceremony. You'll ask yourself, "When did that happen?!" when you view moments you may not have seen.


The Ceremony

It's the big show, and it's all about you. We'll be there to capture you down the aisle to the moment when both of you say, "I Do." You'll remember this day like it was yesterday.


The Formals & Romantics

It's after the ceremony and it's here that we make ourselves noticed. This is our time to capture some formal, artistic and intimate moments with you and your significant other.


The Reception

It's a celebration! The laughter, the drama, the fun, and we're there to capture it all! From the first dance to cutting the cake, you'll be glad we captured each moment of your celebration as you laugh in remembering when the best man had one too many.



From here, the sky is the limit. Cashman Brothers can be there to capture your first child's first birthday or capture your first family photo. Who knows, we may be there to repeat the process all over again when you're the one walking your child down the aisle.

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