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professional wedding photographyWe understand no two Las Vegas weddings are alike, and that's why our approach to your wedding photography is one of complete customization. You'll choose only the services and products you feel best compliment you as a couple, and we know you'll love not only your imagery, but the professional and caring experience only Cashman Brothers Fine Photography can provide.

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So Your Engaged! Wedding Planning Basics

Congratulations, your wedding day is almost here!  From their first princess dress as a little girl, to picking out the perfect wedding gown, this is a day most brides have imagined their entire lives. Now, it’s finally time to turn those dreams into reality.  While this is your one and only wedding day, at Cashman Brothers we’ve photographed thousands.  Let our experience and expertise in  Las Vegas wedding photography provide wedding memories to last a lifetime and beyond.



Select the Venue

Selecting your wedding and reception venue sets the tone for your entire wedding day. This is much more true in Las Vegas than almost anywhere else in the world. Every venue is unique and has its own charm, and each will offer their own special ambiance, products, and services. The most popular venues often book dates years in advance, so don’t wait! Do some research online, tour your favorite facilities, and meet with the staff whenever possible. Remember:  many vendors won’t discuss your wedding day seriously with you until you’ve picked  a date and booked your venue!


Reserve Guest Accommodations

If you’re planning a Las Vegas wedding, you’re sure to have guests from out-of-town.  Hosting a few family members is one thing, but what if most of your guests are travelling from other cities or countries?  Your friends and family will certainly appreciate it if you take the time to secure a block of rooms at a “host” hotel, which will often provide discounted rates especially during the off-season.  The hotel lobby is a great central meeting place and allows your guests to gather together for Vegas-style fun, or for sharing transportation to your Las Vegas wedding venue.  So make it easy on your guests by taking the guesswork out of finding a place to stay, secure that block of rooms ASAP!


Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer


Aside from the venue, your wedding photos might be the most important aspect of your wedding.  After all; your flowers will wilt, your dress will find its way into the attic and your memories will fade.  Great professional wedding photographers know how to capture the imagery that will keep your memories alive not just for a lifetime, but for generations to come.  Every detail, every emotion can be frozen in time forever.

Truly passionate and talented wedding photographers can be hard to find.  Do some research, ask questions, read blogs, and meet with your favorites.  Don’t be afraid to hold long conversations with them, and get a feel not just for what they do technically and artistically, but for who they are as a professional and as a person.  You’re going to spend your entire day with your wedding photographer and he, or she, should be someone with whom you’re relaxed and comfortable.


Details. Details.

With most of the larger items checked off your list, you can finally begin working on the details!  The flowers, your wedding cake, the makeup, and décor are all important and can be a fun part of your wedding planning.  If you need help getting started, ask your wedding planner and photographer for lists of their favorite vendors - they’re sure to have worked with reputable vendors in your area.



Planning your wedding should be romantic, adventurous, and exciting!  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, trust your wedding professionals to do the job you’re paying them to do.  Let your style and creativity shine and have some fun with it!

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Our professional staff will communicate with you every step of the way to ensure that your wedding day is captured in a way that best represents your personal style.  We take great pride in providing you with the highest quality photo and video products and services.  At Cashman Brothers, we take great care when recommending other affiliated wedding and event professionals because we know that a great event makes for great photos.


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