We Want To Capture Your Wedding

We Want to Capture Your Wedding

“We want to capture your wedding; not be in it.” This is what we tell our couples when we meet with them for the first time and discuss their wedding photography needs.

How often have you seen a member of the photo or video crew in a wedding photo? If you are like most couples, you have seen it a lot.  But it doesn’t have to be that way, and it rarely happens at a Cashman Brothers wedding.  Why? Because we take special steps to make sure we aren’t part of the festivities.


We ask lots of questions.

This might be the most important part of our pre-wedding job. We learn as much as possible about our couples, their families and the intricacies of their big day.  How does this help?  If we know in advance the unity candle immediately follows the rose ceremony with the parents we can anticipate and plan where we want to be in order to capture the moment perfectly and stay out of the spotlight.

With all of the information we gather, we are able to create a written plan we call the “photo roadmap.” Our wedding photographers know exactly what to expect at the ceremony and the reception.  Armed with this information they can easily adapt when the best man decides to dance instead of toast or the mother of the bride arrives late for family portraits.

We try to plan our entire event from which room to visit first for the “Getting Ready” shots to the couple’s departure plans.

We know the lay of the land.

It’s possible we have photographed a wedding in every wedding venue in the city. We know the minister’s roles and that we must stay in the wings or balcony.  We know the sand ceremony is tucked away in the back corner.  When you shoot as many weddings as Cashman Brothers, you have a healthy understanding of where the natural light will be coming from and the best possible angle for the first dance.


We Practice.

On those rare occasions when we don’t have good knowledge of a venue, we invite ourselves to the rehearsal. We aren’t after the free meal.  We want to meet the wedding planner, talk to the minister about his natural pace and where we are allowed.  We learn where we want every member of our team to be during each moment of the ceremony.

We bring our cameras, but we don’t take many photos. We spend our time taking test shots and metering light.  We only get one take at your wedding.  There is no time to guess the exposure when you are about to exchange rings.

Years ago we invited ourselves to a rehearsal only to be refused. We explained why we wanted to be there, but were told it wasn’t necessary.  The next day, at the ceremony the couple walked to the corner of the church to light a unity candle.  We weren’t prepared to move to the back of the venue for the ceremony.  As a result, we were able to take some great photos of their backs.  It was not our proudest moment.  There is simply no substitute for planning and experience. This is what sets us apart.  This is why so many couples turn to Cashman Brothers to capture the most important day of their lives.

Its not always easy for a weekend photographer to stay out of the wedding video, but at Cashman Brothers we know how to capture your wedding memories without being part of them.

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