Did Your Wedding Photographer Finish The Job

Did Your Wedding Photographer Finish the Job?


In the wedding photography business a photographer has only one job; to deliver memories. It seems like a simple task, but over the last few years we have been amazed at how many industry professionals have missed the mark.

With the advent of Facebook, personal websites and the entire digital age consumers have learned to purchase the photo CD with all of their wedding photos.   The digital images are easy to share with friends and family around the world.  Because of the high demand for the photo CD most wedding photographers have changed their work flow so they shoot the wedding, hand over the CD and then move on to the next wedding.  It’s what we call, “getting in, getting out and getting paid.”


At Cashman Brothers we have a more far-sighted approach. We believe a marriage doesn’t last a lifetime.  It lasts much, much longer.  As photographers, it’s our job to make sure your great-grandchildren to enjoy.


I have my doubts about DVDs being widely used twenty years from now. The VHS was cool, then it went to DVD and now you watch Netflix or download straight from the internet.  Remember my space?  Times and technology have changed quickly.


It’s hard to imagine what the future has in store when it comes to storing photographs, but there is one product which has lasted for centuries. It’s easy to use.  The battery never needs charging and the software never needs an update.  It’s the book.

I’m sure you’ve seen your parent’s wedding album, but I doubt you have watched their wedding video. Watching that video would take a little work.  You would have to get it transferred from VHS to DVD.  But you can slide the wedding album off book shelf and thumb through the pages on the top of your lap, not your laptop.


The last time you looked through the book of your mother’s big day, you didn’t even think about it. You were looking for something else and stumbled upon the album.  Before you knew it you were marveling at all that big hair.  You would never have seen your father looking so young if you had to plug the book into the wall or slide it into a computer.

The Cashman Brothers approach to wedding albums is different than most other wedding photographers. From our view it may be your wedding, but it’s the album belongs to your grandchildren.  We don’t require our couples to include wedding books in their packages, but we make sure they completely understand their value as family heirlooms.  This is why nearly every couple decides to include a wedding album in their package.

Our albums are made to last. Most come with laminated pages, thick, beautiful hard covers and strong, sturdy spines.  The pages within are beautifully designed, but they are equally impressive laying on your coffee table or standing in your bookshelf.

There are many talented photographers out there. They can capture stunning imagery.  But that isn’t why you should be hiring them.  Their jobs are to provide you with memories that will last a life time and well beyond.

At Cashman Brothers we finish the job. We will capture your wedding exactly like you want it remembered.  So when you sit with your grandchildren, they can hold your memories in their lap and listen to the story that will live in their hearts forever.

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