Top Ten Wedding MakeUp Tips

Top Ten Wedding MakeUp Tips


As a photography company, we really want our couples to look their best.  Knowing most of our brides hire hair and make-up stylists for their big day, we thought now might be a good time for a top ten list of wedding day make up tips.


10           Waterproof Mascara

Your wedding is the most exciting day of your life.  It is full of emotion and you could easily be crying with joy, or laughter, or any number of reasons.  This makes waterproof mascara a must.  But waterproof mascara isn’t just for keeping make up where it belongs when you turn on the faucets. It also tends to keep your lashes curled. BONUS!


9              Modest Is Hottest

Don’t go nuts with your wedding day make up.  Your fiancé is already in love with you and your wedding day isn’t the time for little girls to play dress up.  Take it easy and let your make up enhance your inner beauty.  You’ll feel and look great, and years from now, you can look at your wedding photos and see how beautiful you really are.

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8              Stash Some Product

It’s going to be a long, glorious day and you are going to be the center of the universe.  Make sure to bring some essentials for the occasional touch up.  You’ll almost certainly need powder, lip liner, lipstick, gloss, eye drops and eyelash glue (if you have falsies).  But a bride shouldn’t have to tote around a makeup bag all day.  This is the perfect task for a bridesmaid or trusted friend.


7              Show And Tell

You probably know exactly what you want from your makeup artist.  You can see it perfectly in your head.  That’s because makeup is a visual medium.  Don’t just tell your makeup artist what you are looking for.  Bring in some pictures of what you want to accomplish and explain to her what you like while pointing it out in pictures.  This also works great for your hair stylist.


6              Fake and Bake

Most brides try to add a little sun to their lives before the big day.  Some go poolside while others prefer a tanning bed.  Just make sure you have your desired skin color before your trial run with your makeup artist.


5              Solid Foundation

Find the perfect shade of foundation and concealer that truly matches your skin.  If its too light or a tad dark, it will be noticeable in your wedding portraits.  You can look in your bathroom mirror for the match, but natural light is best.  Go outside and see how well it blends.


4              Airbrush or Sponge

An airbrush is usually the best way to apply your foundation.  It ensures an even, well blended application.  No airbrush? Try applying your foundation with a slightly damp blending sponge to create a light flawless application.

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3              Bronze First

Make sure to apply your bronzer or highlighter before your eye makeup or blush.  Like a master painter, a professional makeup artist knows to start with a dark foundation before adding color.


2              Shimmer

Some of our best wedding photography includes a bride with beautiful shimmer makeup.  It’s matched perfectly with her skin tone to accentuate her beauty.  A poorly matched color can become a distraction, especially in photographs.


1              Hydrate

Yes, the top wedding day make up tip has nothing to do with choosing colors or application processes.  But well hydrated skin is healthy skin.  Start hydrating early, a month ahead of the big day, and drink lots of water.  Your body will feel better and it will show with a healthy glow of your skin.

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