Real Las Vegas Weddings

Real Las Vegas Weddings – Practice Makes Perfect

Look through the pages of a bridal magazine and you’ll see hundreds of the same photos. The perfectly lit bridal portrait, the bride and groom grinning from ear to ear as they celebrate their new union. The list goes on and on. How does the photographer capture the moment so perfectly? The answer is, “with repetition.” If you'd like to look at other's wedding stories and pictures to perhaps spark some ideas for your own future wedding, take a look at and more around the internet.


Most people are shocked to learn how many magazine advertisements are not photos of real weddings. Instead the photographer is commissioned to shoot a model bride and groom. Those models are powdered perfectly by professional makeup artists just moments before the shoot begins. Extra studio lights are set strategically allowing a manmade sun to dance upon the bride’s professional smile. Maybe the photographer didn’t get the perfect shot the first time the couple walked down the aisle. He simply asks them to have another go at it. And it continues until the perfect shot is in the can. Only then does the photographer move the image into photoshop to create an even more perfect image.

This practice isn’t limited to advertisements. Even professional wedding photographers will go through the exercise to demonstrate their amazing ability to capture the moment perfectly.


So how do you know what’s real and what isn’t? You have to ask.

The shot of the dinosaur chasing the wedding party down a grassy hill is easy to pick out as a fake. The photo of the bride and groom with the sunset in the background might be less obvious.

You should ask your photographer, “is this a real wedding with a real bride and groom?”

Every photo in this blog, and on our entire website is of real people. You see a real couple’s engagement photo and a real Las Vegas weddings. This is because each Cashman Brothers photographer is hand selected based upon both technical skills and a personal connection between the photographer and the couple. In most cases, the photographer/bridal team has already had one at least one opportunity to work together during an engagement photo session.

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Why is it important to review real weddings? If it’s a real wedding you can measure the photographer’s ability to capture a real moment. If they have shot enough First Kisses in natural afternoon sunlight, you’ll be able to tell. If they are accomplished in churches you will know immediately.

Real Weddings are all the rage in major markets including Houston, Miami and even Hollywood where almost nothing is real. Comparing real weddings lets Las Vegas couples make informed decisions and select a Las Vegas wedding photographer with a track record of taking wedding photos exactly the way the couple desires.

For some reason Las Vegas couples aren’t accustomed to asking this question. As a result, many are fooled into hiring a photographer based upon imagery that may not be a true representation of his work.

Tour our site. If you see something you like, a real Las Vegas wedding, or some other event, give us a call or fill out the contact form. When we meet you’ll see even more real weddings, probably from the same location you have chosen for the most important day of your life.

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