Treasured Wedding Albums

Treasured Wedding Albums

Your wedding day is finally here! For most women, it’s the most important day of their life to date. All the months of planning for the day and it’s finally here! Our bride wakes up mentally checking things off her list. Dress… check! Make-up… check! Hair and flowers… check! Photographer arrival… check!

After the day is over, our couples want to be sure they have all their photos to remind them of every memory and every moment of their wedding day. Each couple is different. Some couples choose a beautiful wedding album while others choose to keep all their digital files. And some, choose both!

However, living in a modern world where the environment is all-important, consideration for the trees and not cutting them down for the manufacture of paper products becomes an issue. With this in mind, there are brides who prefer to simply keep digital photos of their weddings on CDs or flash drives, or simply putting them on their Facebook timeline. This has resulted in photographers no longer supplying their clients with bound wedding albums, only presenting them with discs of selected photos of the occasion.

This trend is all very well for the moment, but what about the future generations of the family? Children and most definitely grandchildren will be curious to know more about their ancestry as they grow up. Without bound albums of photos to look to picture and feel these events from the past, it will become a case of ‘what of the past, and does it really matter?’ Actually it does matter and is important for people of the future knowing details of where they came from.

While traditional heavy gigantic wedding albums have fallen out of style, our future generations still want to see you and hear the story about where they came from. Your wedding album is more than a handful of digital files that you carry around in your hand. Your wedding album, your story, becomes an heirloom to be passed down to future generations while sharing your story. We are living in the era of the disappearing image. It is only through a physical representation of a book that people can share their memories in 150 years. Your wedding album preserves your memories for years to come.

The do-it-yourself bride

Maybe the bride is a scrapbooker or is very crafty. It becomes very attractive to believe that making your album yourself is going to be easy. Creating your album can be time consuming for even the craftiest do-it-yourself bride! 70% of all online albums are left unfinished. And while you may be a “whiz” with the glue gun, your wedding album is something to be cherished and created by those who spend their life perfecting the product of sharing memories.

Hand Crafted Italian Made Heirloom Wedding Albums

A handcrafted wedding album can be shared for three generations or more! It is more than a record of an event, it is the book of memories you share with your children and grandchildren. Every time you open your wedding album, the moments and memories come flooding back.

Personalized Leather Albums

There is a feeling of elegance and richness about leather bound books, and leather bound wedding albums are no exception to this. Particularly Italian hand-crafted leather bound wedding albums have such a warm feel about them, that they truly are an encouragement for becoming family heirlooms for generations to come.

With a choice of five different leathers ranging from soft Napa leather to a leatherette cover and of sixteen colors to select from, with a further option for the choice of wording material on the cover, the cover of your album can be as individual as your wedding.

Decision making for the names and date are in selections of:

  • Gold foil
  • Deboss
  • Silver foil
  • Or engraved

Next you have to decide where you prefer the leather to be, on the cover, on the spine or perhaps the cover and the spine. Do you want a die-cut to show an image through the cover, or maybe you prefer a square in the center or a triangle leading off the page.

Maybe leather covers are not for you and you would prefer a cover of crystal, or metal or else opt for a varnished and silk option. So many decisions to make!

Wedding Album Covers Wedding AlbumWhat person doesn’t want something hand crafted in Italy? Italian hand-crafted wedding albums are truly pieces of art. They can be created to match home décor and style and are made to be left on display not to be kept in a box on a shelf.

With countless options and choices to truly customize your book, your only limit is your own imagination. The cover styles alone range from Leather to Metal, Die cut to acrylic! You can choose the paper, both thickness and finish. There are even beautiful display boxes that can be wrapped in leather and customized with your photo.

Whatever choices you make to customize your beautiful handcrafted heirloom, your wedding album will be something you truly treasure for years to come.

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