Fun With Photos At Your Wedding

Fun With Photos At Your Wedding

When our parents were married the professional photographer shot everything on film. Film was expensive to buy and develop, so most weddings were limited to the ceremony and formal portraits.  Our parents waited for months to get their wedding photos. And then they could only share them in their livingroom.

Today we shoot digitally. Everyone shoots digitally; photographers and wedding guests alike. And we all expect to have our photos quickly so we can share them with our friends and family across the country. While everyone seems capable of catching one or two good photos, a professional photographer with a professional camera or two always captures what is needed to preserve the moment.

With all of this in mind, here are a few ways for you and your guests to have fun with photos at your wedding.

Hashtag Printing

Now more than ever, couples are using special hashtags to memorialize their big day. They hope their friends and family will use the hashtag so they can have even more fun wedding photos.  This is why Cashman Brothers offers Hashtag Printing.  With an internet connection we can now print every picture posted on Twitter and Instagram with a designated hashtag.

Why is this important?

Your friends will be more likely to take and share photos with your hashtag once they realize there is a print station connected to the hashtag. At first they will tag your wedding because it’s a novel idea.  But they will continue to post your wedding photos so they can get a printed copy.  Even in this age of sharing on the internet, most people still enjoy holding a fun print.  They’ll compare their photos to shots captured by other guests.  It might even become a competition to see who can come up with the most outrageous picture.

We can include the hashtag in the print along with other fun elements like the date. We can even build a simple scrapbook-like album to hold your favorite shots.



Photo Booths

The photo booth is quickly becoming a staple at most large Las Vegas wedding receptions. They are fun and provide immediate gratification. And there is something magical about cheap feather boas and silly hats.

Cashman Brothers has three of the most exciting photo booths in Las Vegas. First of all they glow, and we can make them glow any color or colors we choose, even with the lights on.  Second, they are open air.  We’ve taken away the fun hiding curtain.  Now everyone can see the shenanigans going on in front of the preview screen. We have hidden the printer which is an eye sore with most other photo booths.  We can print 4x6 and 5x7 photos, print multiple images on the same photo, or print in traditional photo strips.

And with an internet connection you can send these fun photos to your cell phone or home computer.


Sharing Your Candids

Cashman Brothers may be the only Las Vegas wedding photography company to offer instant delivery of your reception photos via email and text. Our photographer will work the room with an assistant and a tablet.  As we shoot, the wedding photos appear on the tablet almost instantly.  Your guests can share them with friends and family.

We can even add your names and wedding date to the images before they are sent to the tablet.


Now your wedding photography can be fun and interactive, with

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