2016 Wedding Trends

2016 Wedding Trends

With January comes our obligatory wedding trends report and this January is no exception. This year’s trends comes with some good news.  While some ideas are leaning old school, dancing down the aisle is not making a comeback.


But here is what you might see if you attend a wedding this year.



The move away from soft, fluffy colors is continuing. Metallics are still growing in popularity, but jewel tones are also finding their way into these important events.  Creativity is finding its way into the color game as couples continue to find new and unique ways to splash their color palate into their wedding without looking gaudy.

Some are adding bows to chairs, or around their bouquets, while others are using table runners or candle holders. Showing personality isn’t going to end with color selections.  Placement is another part of the fun!



Red roses will never go out of style, but there are plenty of other options finding their way into weddings. Expect to see a variety of flowers with a similar shade or shades in the same bouquet or center piece.  And as we continue to get more “earth conscious” seasonal flowers have become almost as popular as those grown year around in green houses.

Many center pieces will still be holding flowers, but mason jars are finding their way into history books. They are being replaced by mismatched flower holders.  They might be the same color or made from the same type glass or another material to tie them all together.

Some couples are losing the flowers all together, placing small potted plants on tables. These centerpieces give a more environmentally friendly appearance, and more of your guests are likely to take them home.

Expect to find weddings with a hodgepodge of centerpieces with some sort of reoccurring theme. Maybe glass or crystals are somehow included in each table.  Or perhaps the same metallic color is painted on some holders or wrapped in the same type of ribbon.



Metallic elements are taking the place of more organic looking pieces. Invitations might have a shimmer or sparkle in the light.

Fonts are becoming a popular attraction as couples seek out fonts to match their pasts or hopes for the future. These fonts are chosen to tell a story.  They might represent your heritage, or maybe how you make each other feel.

The human touch is making a comeback. This could mean hiring a calligrapher to hand write invitations, adding a stamp or seal to the paper, or even a monogram.


Wedding Cinema

Wedding videos are making a comeback! Really!  But they aren’t the elaborate productions or the unabridged history of your wedding day.  In today’s world we need instant gratification and share-ability. The idea of a same day edit has morphed into somethings we have already seen in a few forward thinking film buffs.  Imagine a full day of video edited and shared at the reception for everyone to see.  This makes short videos important.

Highlight reels are also very popular. Just show the important stuff to keep the video short and able to upload on the internet.

Our couples are asking for specific lengths to share as much as possible on their social media platforms and some are asking for certain file types they find more compatible with their favorite sharing site.



The formal, sit down meal is inching its way closer to the exit. It’s being replaced with family-style services where friends and family pass plates.  This trend isn’t new, but it is gaining momentum while also helping couples save money for other wedding elements.

2016 might also see a rise in food stations. These can be found with chefs preparing fresh meals in the dining room.  They are often spread throughout the room creating a small culinary adventure.

Dinner drinks are also gaining popularity. It not only shows some personality, they also help control the price of an open bar.  “Serve your specialty cocktail to your guests and let them pay for their own shooters,” is one recommendation we found online.  Pass the drinks on a tray for an upscale and human touch.



There is a big revolution on the wedding cake horizon. The battle for the most ornate cake has been one by… better judgement.  This year’s cakes are throwing back to the sensibilities of butter cream frosting.  The creativity lies beneath the surface where bakers are now able to create some fun and non-traditional flavors like Caramel.


In the end, the last thing every couple wants is a cookie cutter wedding. Please, make your wedding uniquely your own.  Borrow from the past.  Be trendy when you wish.  And always look forward to a happily ever after.

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