Wedding Trends 2018

Wedding Trends 2018

Now that you are engaged, it’s time to start planning your day. Are you trending or are you a “trendsetter”?

Some 2018 trends we should be looking for

The Bohemian Vibe:

For almost a decade now, the beautiful rustic landscapes of a meadow or a barn were filling up our Pinterest pages. Now, be on the lookout for a more relaxed bohemian vibe. Staying relaxed but maybe keeping the formal approach. Hairstyles, bouquet styles even gown styles have a “planned undone” look.



The cascade is back! But, it’s not your cascade bouquet of the ‘90’s. Succulents and wildflowers are making up the look. Again, perfection isn’t the theme here. English garden with lots of different floral colors and flower choices is the look.

­Can you say, “Velvet”?

Yep. Velvet that’s what’s hot! Dinner jackets for the guys with a velvet lapel or even a great pattern. Add Navy or Burgundy to the mix and you’ve got what’s hot.

­For your inner Foodie:

“What can I serve that’s going to be different and unique?” Well, that’s easy. Serve what you love. Love Butter Pecan ice cream? Serve it with your favorite toppings. Are cheese puffs your sinful food addiction? Serve in whimsical cups or make an upscale version (mac n cheese balls anyone?) Adding foods to the menu can be crazy pairings, sweet treats or classic favorites. What’s important is that your tastes are included in your offerings. Guests will love that personalized feel.


The Gown:

Oh the gowns! Beautiful illusion necklines, lace, fitted bodices and unique veils… all trends that accentuate your style. Not that a beautiful sweetheart neckline is a thing of the past but, there are so many more unique lines, fabrics and colors to choose from.

We can’t wait to see what unique styles you choose. More than anything, choosing the right photographer is a must. Here at Cashman Brothers Fine Photography, we focus on capturing your wedding the way you want it to be. Personalized packages, one on one service and the personalized Cashman Brothers “photo road map” prepares your photography and video team for capturing your wedding day.

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