Wedding Albums: DIY or Professional

Wedding albums: DIY or Professional

Last week a friend of ours stopping by the office for a quick tour when she confessed, “I’ve been married eight years and still haven’t finished my wedding album.” Surprised?  Don’t be.


There are a lot of online resources created to help brides build their own albums, and in the DIY world we live in, many brides give it a try.  After all, they designed all their own centerpieces.  But history tells us well over half of all online albums are abandoned before they are finished.

Why?  There are a number of reasons.

cili at Bali Hai Cili At Bali Hai

Wedding Fatigue.  Couples spend months and even years planning their big day.  Wedding planning can become all-consuming, dominating evenings and weekends until celebration day finally arrives.  The wedding was perfect and the honeymoon was amazing.  But now the couple suffers from wedding fatigue and just wants to start their lives as husband and wife.  As a result, they push off building their wedding album, and continue to do so until its eight years later, and they still don’t have a book in their hands.

Time Constraints.  While some of the programs on the internet are not hard to use, it takes a lot of time and practice to build your first wedding album and make it look professional.  It can take our professionals days or even weeks to build a great wedding book and they display wedding memories for a living.  A newbie with no training would need weeks or months to build a quality design, and that’s if the project is worked on regularly until completion.  Add the learning curve time to wedding fatigue syndrome and it’s easy to see why so many brides and grooms simply give up.  If they were to pay themselves minimum wage for the time invested into a finished product their costs could easily run thousands of dollars more than a professional.

Lakeside Weddings Lakeside Weddings

Limited Options.  There are several wedding album companies who offer DIY services.  But there are many more who don’t.  For example, while we customize every album we design, each wedding book is hand made by an Italian company who only works with professionals.  They accept professional work only because they take great pride in their product and want designs to match their quality.

Go Professional.  Our professional wedding album designers have years of experience and have built hundreds of books.  They work full time honing their skills, perfecting their craft and creating some of the best wedding albums in Las Vegas.  As a result, they can complete an album design relatively quickly with a level of quality rarely seen by the do-it-yourselfers.

Even with a professional, there is still a level of bridal participation needed to create a great album.  This includes paper and cover selection, choosing the photos and style, and then directing any necessary changes.  All of this seems to satisfy the DIY needs many modern brides require.  Their personal touch can be found on each and every page.

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