Don’t Wait Until the Date – Wedding Preparation Timeline

Don’t Wait Until the Date - Wedding Preparation Timeline

10 - 12 Months Before

Congratulations! You have said yes to the ring and it’s time to start thinking about your wedding planning. Before you start choosing wedding colors, deciding on a photographer and thinking about the perfect wedding venue, set your date. Setting your wedding date gives you a timeline to follow and best utilize your time for planning and making sure the details of your wedding come together.

During this time it’s an important decision to decide how many guests you plan on inviting to your wedding and what the budget for your wedding is going to be. Once you’ve decided, start sending out your save the dates and begin looking at venues that are big enough to host the amount of guests you have invited to your wedding.

As your wedding planning timeline begins to come together, consider the option to hire a wedding planner. Although there are many questions you should ask your wedding planner, start with thinking what theme or vision you’ve always had for your special day.

6 - 8 Months Before

These months before your wedding are extremely important for getting the bulk of planning done for your special day! At this point in the wedding planning process you should begin shopping for the perfect wedding dress (why not check out somewhere like Winnie Couture Bridal for a beautiful selection of dresses), choosing the right suit or tuxedo for your groom, meeting with your photographer and setting up your registry!

Just because your wedding happens in Vegas, doesn’t mean it has to stay in Vegas. Keep the memories of your wedding forever by booking the best photographer for your wedding. Through their wedding services, Cashman Photo sets you up with a photo consultant to ensure that you are matched with a wedding photographer that shares your vision and will capture the beauty of your special day.

Choosing your wedding party as well as their attire is extremely important! This might be the right time to get Custom Neon Signs to help commemorate the day at the party. After deciding on your wedding colors, start to think about what colors would suit your wedding party. For your bridesmaids, consider differing styles of dresses as well as colors that would be compliment the theme of your wedding. Groomsmen can be saved the trip to the rental store by renting from an online service like The Black Tux. They actually have a pretty expansive collection! Your bridal party will look stunning in the attire you have chosen and compliment the theme of your wedding.

Setting up your registry at this time is a great idea because it allows guests to start planning on what wedding gift is right. Informing your guests of what you need, taking your time and over-registering are all helpful tips to keep in mind as you build your wedding registry. Tools like Zola, an online wedding registry, makes building your registry easy and effortless. Browse over 500 brands or scan items on the go to build a registry for guests while you continue to bring your wedding details together.

Get the entertainment decided on and don't forget to pick that all important first dance song! Use these playlists by Headliner to help you out with the music.

4 - 6 Months Before

During this time, you should be following up on the details of your wedding that are already planned. Have you secured your wedding venue as well as the number of guests planning to attend? What nearby hotels should you book for your guests to stay at? Does your wedding photographer understand the vision you have for your special day?

Looking into options for your rehearsal dinner at this time is ideal. Restaurants often need a warning ahead of time so they can prepare for larger party reservations. Consider booking hair and makeup trial appointments to make sure that you have a look that is what you are imagining.

Your guest list should be coming together at this point which means it is time to start planning your wedding favors. Get imaginative with your wedding favors and think of ideas that will coordinate with the overall theme of your wedding. From edible options to wine glasses with your wedding date, there are many creative wedding favor ideas.

2 - 4 Months Before

Meeting with your venue to go over the catering options, guests’ seating and decor options are a way to ease the stress the last couple months before your special day. If you have chosen a wedding planner, make sure you bring them along and explain to them the vision that you have chosen. Another suggestion would be to meet with your photographer at your chosen venue so you can discuss possible photo options as well as if you will need to leave the venue to take pictures.

If you haven’t already, make sure you mail out your official wedding invitations so guests can secure the save the dates on their calendars. Guests may be sending wedding gifts during this time so save yourself the work later and write thank you cards wedding gifts arrive.

1 - 2 Months Before

Congratulations! You’re almost there! There are just a few more details to tie together before you officially tie the knot! A lot of the details planned during this time are going to be crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s of paperwork. Obtaining your marriage license and making sure you fill out the appropriate paperwork to change your name (if you choose to!) should be some of the final details of preparation before your big day.

Take the time to try on your dress for any last minute alterations as well as ask bridesmaids to try on theirs. With the rehearsal dinner just around the corner, start preparing speeches to thank those closest to you that made your special day come together.

1 Week Before

This is it! The final stretch! The week before your wedding, finalize your wedding party transportation as well as your map for getting to the venue and to the locations you wish to take pictures at. Attending your rehearsal dinner and making any small alterations are a few of the last points on your checklist as your wedding day is practically here.

Wedding planning can be stressful and at times it won’t make any sense. Initially creating a checklist is a simple way of staying organized, cutting down that stress and making sure the details of your wedding come together. Don’t be afraid to occasionally step away from the wedding planning and take the time to relax and destress.

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