Photo Booth



At weddings and other special events, there are few items more entertaining than a photo booth. The silly props and a large preview screen bring out the kid in everyone from young children to their grandparents.

Cashman Brothers Photo Booths aren’t like those boxes your mom and dad use to play with at the mall. Our photo booth is completely interactive. We even removed the curtain so everyone can enjoy the crazy antics of their friends and family mugging for the camera in some giant plastic sun glasses, silly hat, and a feather boa.





The Cashman Brothers photo booths come with a printer inside. With most other photo booths the printers are attached by an ugly cord while they sit on a nearby table. Our photo booth can perform green screen photography, placing you and your guests on a mountain top or an ocean shore, if you like. Cashman Brothers machines allow your guests to email and text the photos to themselves, and even share their photos on the most popular social media sites. We can even collect email addresses, making it easier to send thank you emails to all of your loved ones and guests.





The backdrop of our photo booth can be almost anything, including our cool-shaped background stands in brick red, white, baby blue and green.

Best of all, our photo booth glows. We can make it glow any color or colors you like, making it perfect for any wedding, birthday, corporate event… any occasion at all!