Vintage The New Classic Look

Vintage The New Classic Look

Vintage is hot right now. From the roarin’ 20’s to the funky 50’s, a vintage wedding is a fun way to add a unique style to your wedding. Vintage is all about a classic look and feel. There is a sophistication and mystery associated with certain periods in American history that really add to the romantic charm and magic of a wedding. When talking about vintage weddings they really include anything themed from the early 1900’s to the late 1960’s, but there are three vintage era wedding themes that are exceptionally hot right now;Great Gatsby style chic from the 1920’s, early 1900’s barnyard rustic, and the artsy 1930’s and 40’s Hollywood deco or glam look.

Great Gatsby style Vintage Chic from the 1920’s


Inspired by the recent remake of the Great Gatsby, this vintage chic look is all about speakeasies, champagne, pearls and feathers. Everything had a sleek classy look in this era including black and white satin dresses, elegant feathered hats, and sexy black stockings. The vintage chic wedding dressed from the 1920’s are designed to be very fancy but still keep a sleek look and feel. It’s almost a subtle glamour rather than opulence.  Expect to see a lot of black and white wedding décor for a classy look. Champagne fountains and martini glasses will probably also make an appearance. A 1920’s event was an elegant affair and vintage chic wedding will be too.


Vintage-Decor_011920’s Wedding Dress and Décor Ideas

  • Champagne fountains
  • Feather or beaded headdresses
  • Silver and gold dinnerware
  • Sofas and lounge chairs


Early 1900’s Barnyard Rustic

Vintage-Wedding-Decorations_03Talk about charming, a classic barnyard rustic feel gives a quaint romantic atmosphere to your wedding. It also adds some fun to shopping for wedding décor. You can go thrift shop hunting and antique store shopping.  A lot of brides and grooms really like the casual feel a rustic wedding has. Barnyard weddings are especially nice during milder times of the year like spring and fall when the event can be held outdoors with string lights or vintage lanterns under a large tent. Other great venues for rustic weddings are vineyards and old farmhouses. Things like mismatched china and old books are often used to give the table a real homey feel. Barnyard rustic themed wedding are perfect for the cost conscious couples. It allows you to get the most bang for your buck and still have a beautiful fully themed wedding.



Barnyard Rustic Dress and Décor Ideas

  • Pews
  • Mismatched china
  • Handmade runners
  • Old medicine jars


1930’s and 40’s Hollywood Glam

Vintage-Wedding-Dresses_01All about glamour and glass, an artsy Hollywood deco look is fun and entertaining. Casablanca and other romantic movies from the 40’s make for great wedding themes. Over-sized hats make statements and wartime décor can add a touch of romance with things like love letters from soldiers abroad and newspaper clippings; this was a time of romance and longing for parted lovers hoping to one day be reunited. Many brides and grooms hire big bands or bands that play swing music which add to the authentic feeling.


Hollywood Deco Dress and Décor Ideas

  • Veiled oversized hats
  • Art deco shapes and wall hangings
  • Military and Navy décor
  • Crystal chandeliers and tableware
  • Candy cigarettes

Why is Vintage so Popular?

Vintage themed weddings bring us back to a time in classic Americana that can seem more romantic or whimsical and playful. Vintage weddings can range from overly formal to completely casual and there is a lot of freedom for brides and grooms to


break from traditional wedding rules. They also give a touch of fairytale to a wedding that adds to the magic of the day. Vintage weddings are unique affairs and no two are alike as each couple or wedding planner has different ideas and uses different types of vintage decorations. They can also be extremely economical while still seeming elegant and charming as a lot of the dress and décor can be found in thrift shops, vintage clothing stores, and flea markets.

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