Top 10 Ways to Get the Most from Your Photographer

Top 10 Ways to Get the Most from Your Photographer: How to Get GREAT Photos on Your Wedding Day While there are certainly other important aspects to achieving great imagery and capturing memories, our top 10 list is a good starting point and we hope will help you to get the most from your photographer on your wedding day!


10)    SLEEP!  Get a good night’s rest the night before your wedding.  Chances are the bachelor and bachelorette parties have already happened, so do yourself a favor and sleep well.  Not only will your mind be sharper, your eyes will be clear and bright and even your skin will look better.

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9)      EAT, HYDRATE!  Be sure you have breakfast or lunch before you start getting ready for your day.   Most wedding days are 10-12 hours long if you include getting ready, travel to the venue, etc. and you don’t want to increase your stress levels by being hungry.  Drink plenty of water, too.  Dehydration is a sneaky beast that can lead to headaches and worse!


8)      AVOID ALCOHOL!  Many a wedding day, and even more photographs, have been ruined by members of the bridal party that are too hung-over or drunk to cooperate with enthusiasm.  We’ve all seen “drunk-face” and the bloodshot and wandering eyes in ceremony ensures that no one is late or unable to maintain themselves during your photography sessions.   Remember too that nervousness and alcohol don’t mix!photos.   Everyone wants to party on your wedding day, and often the night before.  Asking them to not over-indulge, or to refrain from drinking before the photography.

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7)      HIRE ALLIES!  Whenever possible, try not to hire a photographer and a cinematographer from competing companies.  While professionalism should be the word of the day, you want your photographer and cinematographer to work with one another, not in spite of each other.  Days, weeks, months, or years after your wedding day you will have only your own memories along with the imagery and video that have captured the moments of one of the most important days in your lives as a couple.


6)      INTERVIEW!  When you bought your dress and chose your venue, you had a vision in mind.  Hiring a photographer is no different.  You want to be sure they know your venue, understand your personal style, and will mesh personalities with you and your wedding party.


Romantic Close Up5)      PREPARE! Ask your photographer to accompany you at your rehearsal.  This becomes important for several reasons, not the least of which are the timing of your ceremony, and any special elements like the Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony.  He can help your venue to properly coordinate these things for the best possible photos.


4)      GIVE ‘EM A JOB!  It is tradition to give members of your wedding party a job on your wedding day. Trust your wedding party to handle little tasks for you.  If hair and makeup runs late, put someone in charge of helping out.  Assign someone to steam the dress, the tux, etc.  Give your Maid of Honor or Best Man a checklist of things that need to happen or be prepared.  Be sure they have the phone numbers of the wedding party, your vendors, and family.Bridal Train


3)      BE DECISIVE! Talk with your photographer about your vision, your expectations, and your personal style.  Do you want black and white?  A vintage look?  Magazine-style images?  Maybe your style is traditional or more fun and loose, or perhaps you’d prefer a total photo-journalistic approach.  Providing a few sample images from places like Pinterest is ok, but don’t expect your photographer to copy someone else work.  Remember that you’re hiring an artist and they want YOU to be their inspiration.


2)      COMMUNICATE!  All of your vendors, from hair and make-up to your florist, need to know what time you expect to be ready for photos. Bride Portrait One simple way is to email your timeline to your vendors, and place a “read receipt” request on the message.   Don’t forget about your wedding party and your family!  They need to be aware of your timeline and expectations as well. And the MOST important item on our list, and what the previous nine suggestions have been leading up to is:


1)      BE ON TIME!  No one wants to feel hurried on their wedding day, especially during photos.  Chances are that you’ve spent a pretty penny on your photographer and being late can, and will, limit your photographer’s creativity.  Every photographer has a “Plan B” for those days when timing just doesn’t work.  Ask yourself:  Do I want “Plan B” or do I want my photographer’s best efforts to fulfill my vision, create beauty, and capture memories?  Timing, as the saying goes, is everything.  Being ready on-time is, perhaps, the biggest favor you can do for yourself on your wedding day.



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