The Path to a Perfect Wedding

The Path to a Perfect Wedding

Great wedding photography doesn’t just happen.  A talented photographer is seldom enough to make a newlywed couple excited about their wedding photos. The best wedding photography comes with meticulous planning and a keen understanding of the bride’s tastes and wishes.  For this reason, each and every Cashman Brothers wedding has a written plan or a “Photo Road Map”.

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days of a young woman’s life. And, as we can attest, no two weddings are the same.  As you might expect, some of the variables include the size of the wedding party, indoor versus outdoor ceremonies, religious traditions and much more.  Yet the variety reaches far beyond these logistics.  Our wedding experts take great pride in how well they get to know our couples.

Cili At Bali Hai WeddingCili At Bali Hai Wedding 1

We know how important it is to not only have great confidence in the photographer’s abilities but that their personality and photographic style will complement the couple’s personality and vision. Our couples have fallen in love with each other; we want to be sure they fall in love with their photographer.

Gathering the information required for our Photo Road Map isn’t always easy, but it’s a lot of fun.  This is probably the couple’s most important day of their life thus far. It requires an enormous amount of planning, focus on details and, of course stress! But, while this is their first wedding, it’s not ours.  We know the questions to ask in order to spark a conversation about their dream wedding.

We might start with the question, “what is the most important aspect of your wedding?”  We were surprised when one bride chose entertainment as her most important memory.  This led to a conversation where we learned her father was a musician and his band was going to play at the reception.  Armed with this information our plan changed from taking a few shots of the entertainment, to pulling out the off camera lights, focusing on the bass player and being prepared for daddy’s little girl to step up to the mic for a short set.

Dad the Guitar PlayerDaddy's Little Girl

Remembering every bridal party is different, our Photo Road Map includes all the vital information including the names in the bridal party, and nuances like the names of step parents and the age of the flower girl.  We may even make a note about Great Auntie Mabel who at 90 years old doesn’t travel much anymore and would really appreciate as many family photos as possible.

Of course, no road map is complete without a time line.  Our photographers know the “when” as well as the “where”.

  • When does the bride plan to have her hair and makeup completed?
  • Has she hired a professional makeup artist?
  • Is there a professional hair stylist for the rest of the bridal party?

This detailed information helps our Las Vegas wedding photographers and our cinematographers better anticipate the timing and pace of the most important day of our couples’ life.

We ask every guest if their reception will be “east coast” or “west coast.”  What is the difference?  On the east coast it’s tradition for the bride and groom to have their first dance before dinner.  This opens up the dance floor for their guests.  On the west coast is common for the couple to dance after dinner, and is impolite for guests to dance before the bride and groom.

Emerald At Queensridge First DanceFirst Dance

We don’t expect our couples to know the difference between natural light, on camera flash or second lighting.  But we learn which style they like the most and make sure we are prepared to capture their wedding photography in the style they prefer.

There is a lot involved in a wedding and photography and cinematography are only small parts of it.  Our brides and grooms rest assured knowing Cashman Brothers is prepared to capture their weddings their way.

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