Ring Finger for Wedding Ring: Myth or Fact?

Ring Finger for Wedding Ring: Myth or Fact?

With a little help from Adam Sandler in “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” almost everyone understands the symbolism of the wedding ring. After all, “a triangle has corners.” However, the reasoning behind where the ring is worn is a little less known.

Myths & Tradition

Fables and myths have led to centuries of tradition and the placing of the wedding ring on the left “ring” finger.

Truth be told, we can wear our wedding ring on any finger our heart desires.  There are a lot of different historic and symbolic theories and explanations.   Wedding rings throughout history have been worn on different fingers and on both the left and right hands.  Traditionally and in most western cultures, we tend to wear our wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand, known as the ring finger.



One rationale of wearing the wedding ring on the left finger comes from an ancient belief.  The Greeks and the Romans believed there was a vein in the left ‘ring’ finger, known as the ‘Vena Amoris’ or the ‘Vein of Love’.  They believed this vein connected directly to the heart, which we all know is the symbol of love. Thus making it a logical explanation for hopeless romantics.  Modern science has shown this to be false but this is still one of the favorite myths told today.

Early Christians had a little more plausible belief.  They wore the ring on the 3rd finger.  During the ceremony the priest recited “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”, and would perform a ritual.  He would place the wedding band on the ring finger and with his holy word of  “Amen, “ it was said to seal the marriage.



Traditionally gold is the soft metal used for wedding rings.  Since most people are right handed, less wear and tear or injury occurs to the left hand.  The ‘ring’ finger is probably the second to least used finger besides your pinkie.  The pinkie being so small made it an undesirable finger for the wedding ring.

The Chinese have a very convincing explanation.  Watch the following video and see how the story goes…


Were you able to take your fourth fingers apart?

Ultimately Looks & Feelings Matter the Most

Whichever finger you choose to wear your wedding ring is up to you.  The importance is more in the meaning of the wedding ring, the meaning to love, and honor one another forever.  When it comes to your wedding photography, the days of the boring ring shots are gone. There are many creative ways of accentuating your wedding ring.

The soft petals of a bride’s bouquet contrasting with the stark metal of your wedding rings can provide a beautiful marriage of color and texture.


Ladies, we all know the importance of a beautiful heel.  The famous red color of a Louboutin heel is a perfect backdrop for your ring.



Whether you use party favors, flowers, or objects at the location, the opportunities of a fabulous ring shot are endless and unique to you and your loved one.

Don't Forget to Capture this Most Important Event

Many photographers, wedding video experts and wedding venues have a standard ring shot.  If you know what to look for, you might be able to determine where the wedding was held, or who the photographer was simply by looking at the ring shot.


Perhaps the most challenging memory a photographer can capture is the exchanging of the rings.  This is often the most symbolic moment in a ceremony.  But the rings are small and often blocked by the bride, groom, minister or even the hand itself.  Yet, with a little coaching before the ceremony, the close up of hands exchanging rings can be a photo or video highlight of the wedding.

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