A Plan To Shoot Your Wedding

Does your wedding photographer have a plan to shoot your wedding?  Is it shoot the ceremony and then shoot the reception?  If that’s the plan, maybe you should consider Cashman Brothers to make sure your wedding memories are captured just the way you want them.

Cashman Brothers may be the only Las Vegas wedding photography company with a “photo road map” for every wedding.


What is a Photo Road Map?  It’s a written plan of how we are going to shoot your wedding and it’s absolutely essential if we are going to make your photography fun and capture every important moment.

Consider how you get from Summerlin to Henderson.  You can’t just drive southeast.  It would take you forever.  There are surface streets with countless stop signs and street lights. There are buildings and parks blocking your path. There may even be construction.  Especially if it’s your first time making the trek, you consult a map.  It’s probably on your phone and it changes with traffic patterns and construction zones.  Each little change might impact how you drive from the Northwest to the Southeast.


The same can be said for weddings.  No two weddings are alike and the number of variables can be staggering.  So we can’t simply show up and shoot.

Based upon months of conversations with our couples we develop a timeline of events along with a list of all the players and how they connect.  We know which rose ceremony you are doing and when it is going to take place.  We know Grandma must have her photo taken with each grandchild.  And we know your father and step father consider themselves rivals.  We may also know you have a special first dance planned which includes a slide down the stair railing.  So we are in place for the shot right before it happens.

We also know you prefer more artistic stuff with only limited traditional portraits, and that you absolutely love black and white photography.  You also plan to make a large wedding album to hand down to your grandkids.


With every detail mapped out on paper there is no scrambling to get to the right spot because you aren’t exchanging roses, you are giving them to your mothers.  But when something crazy does happen, like maybe some of your guests have created a special dance of their own, we will be able to quickly adapt because it’s the only variable of the evening.

Having a photo road map for your Las Vegas wedding needs is an extra piece of insurance, making sure we capture all the important stuff.  And with that comes peace of mind.  Your peace of mind.

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