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Building Your Wedding Team

Building Your Wedding Team You’re planning your wedding.  Congratulations!  You are now in the event planning business.  While your wedding is over a year away, it will arrive faster than you can possibly imagine.  How do you keep this exciting time from becoming a stressful mess?  Befriend a few key vendors and use them as…
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No Two Weddings Are Alike

No Two Weddings Are Alike   When I first joined Cashman Brothers I was told no two weddings are alike.  Being new to the wedding industry, this caught me by surprise.  After all, aren’t most weddings the same.  They have a ceremony, and a reception with only locations that change.  I quickly learned I could…
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Do You Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding Reception?

Its 2015!  Do You Have a Photo Booth at your Wedding Reception? Soon everyone will be asking the question, “do you have a photo booth at your wedding?” When most of us were teenagers we spent endless hours at the mall with many of those fun times captured in a collection of photo booth strips.  Now…
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Three Things You Need From Your Wedding Photographer

Three Things You Need from Your Wedding Photographer   Most wedding planners agree, after the venue is selected, the most important element is the photography.  After all, once the day is done, all you have left are the memories artfully captured in an array of beautiful photographs.  Most couples agree with this advice, but what…
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