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We Want To Capture Your Wedding

We Want to Capture Your Wedding “We want to capture your wedding; not be in it.” This is what we tell our couples when we meet with them for the first time and discuss their wedding photography needs. How often have you seen a member of the photo or video crew in a wedding photo?…
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The Chinese Wedding Dress

The Chinese Wedding Dress In Las Vegas we see cultures collide every day. Old customs meet new traditions by planning or by nature.  The same can be said for Chinese weddings and the wedding dress in particular. China is a centuries-old country steeped in tradition. The customs of its people have evolved over time, yet…
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Bangles in Indian Weddings

Las Vegas doesn’t host a lot of traditional Indian weddings, but when we do, it’s quite the affair. Compared to a typical American wedding, an Indian wedding is steeped in tradition and pageantry.  Yet, like most weddings the modern couple is finding ways to add their own personal touch to their symbolic traditions. One tradition…
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Wedding Symbolism

Wedding Symbolism   Is there symbolism in weddings? Of course there is.  We all know the wedding ring is round because it has no end like a couple’s love for each other.  But what other symbolism is there?  Let’s take a look at some of the lesser known history behind the traditions.   The bridal…
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