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A Groom’s Guide to Grooming

Last week we glanced back through all of our blogs and learned we spend a lot of time educating the bride.  The latest trends, how to prep for the big day, planning calendars, … they all were written with the bride in mind. But what about the groom? He is in the wedding too.  And…
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Don’t Wait Until the Date – Wedding Preparation Timeline

Don’t Wait Until the Date - Wedding Preparation Timeline 10 - 12 Months Before Congratulations! You have said yes to the ring and it’s time to start thinking about your wedding planning. Before you start choosing wedding colors, deciding on a photographer and thinking about the perfect wedding venue, set your date. Setting your wedding…
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Wedding Trends 2018

Wedding Trends 2018 Now that you are engaged, it’s time to start planning your day. Are you trending or are you a “trendsetter”? Some 2018 trends we should be looking for The Bohemian Vibe: For almost a decade now, the beautiful rustic landscapes of a meadow or a barn were filling up our Pinterest pages.…
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Fall Wedding Trends

Fall Wedding Trends


It’s been about a year since our last blog about wedding trends and according to our wedding photographers a lot has changed.  Our team is seeing a lot of common themes through their lenses and are being asked to provide an evolving style of photography.

When it comes to the bride, lace is definitely back!!  While strapless dresses were all the rage a year ago, illusion necklines and sleeves are now in fashion with no signs of going away soon.  Our wedding photographers tell us the lace adds a vintage touch to modern styles.


The wedding party has also changed.  Brothers, sisters and friends in the bridal party are now accompanied down the aisle with the couple’s pets.  Yes, “fur babies” have made their way to the wedding day, and are making a splash in the process.


Floral arrangements are trending like photography.  Tight and well-structured bouquets of roses are being replaced by loose, less formal arrangements.  And English Garden flowers have finally established themselves.  English garden flowers started to appear about three years ago, but have only recently become mainstream.  Perhaps the flowers match the informal, “genuine” feel of more and more ceremonies.

Photography, like flowers, has become less structured.  While the flower displays may look more natural, a trained florist is still needed to make them look so.


The same holds true for photography.  Prom-like poses have given way to “unposed” poses.  More and more couples want to look natural, but are asking for guidance to make sure the photos still look great.  This isn’t true photojournalism, but something we call faux-tojournalism.  It’s the art of making the posed photo look like the couple was simply caught in the act of enjoying their romantic wedding day.

The biggest trend, and one  not likely to go away, is the planning process.  Couples once visited all of their vendors, meeting photographers, florists, DJs and dress makers, to name a few.  Now the process is done “virtually.”  Dresses are purchased online, DJs seldom meet their clients until the big day, and even our consultations are done on Facetime or other digital media.  Initially, we were challenged by this process, but we quickly learned how to get all the important little nuggets of information we need to capture each wedding the way the couples want them to be remembered.


The online experience hasn’t stopped with the planning.  It’s also making its way to the wedding itself in the form of wedding hashtags and custom Snapchat filters.

While styles come and go, we don’t expect the planning and photography trends to disappear for quite some time.  And we have created some amazing photographs as a result.


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